Science in Hollywood好莱坞与科学Theres so much snow in the movie Frozen that the cold white stuff might as well be the star of the animated film. It falls, flies, piles and melts. Snow sprays through the air as Anna and Kristoff cling to a reindeer-pulled sleigh, barely escaping a pack of snarling wolves. Snow dances in the air as Elsa uses her special powers to build an icy fortress on a lonely mountain. The movie even includes Olaf, a wisecracking snowman.电影《冰雪奇缘》刻画了一个剩是冰雪的王国,我们不妨把雪看作是这部动画片的主角。她徐徐掉落,在天空里飘舞,落在地上冲刷在一起,以后融化。电影里,暴风雪中的安娜和克里斯托夫抱住地逃跑驯鹿的缰绳,从狼群中受困。

雪花漫天飞舞时艾莎用她呼风唤雪的魔力在孤山上修建了一座冰雪堡垒,该电影甚至还另设奥洛夫这个角色,一个可爱逗笑的雪人。Knowing that snow would play such an important role, the filmmakers at Walt Disney Animation Studios wanted to be sure they got it right. So they turned to Joseph Teran. He is a mathematician at the University of California, Los Angeles. Teran uses computers to model natural phenomena. Teran has worked on many animated films for Disney, but Frozen posed a new challenge.雪在该电影中是个很最重要的角色,迪斯尼动画片厂制片人期望能把它做到对作好,因此他们无可奈何约瑟夫·特朗,一名来自洛杉矶加利福尼亚大学的数学家。


特朗用于电脑来仿效大自然场景,尽管他早已是一个为迪斯尼动画工作过多次的老手,但《冰雪奇缘》却出了他的一个新的挑战。No animated movie before had needed snow to do so many things, he says. Snow can flow like a liquid – or stick together like a solid. For months, he and his team used mathematical equations and computer software to create some of the most realistic animated snow ever to fall on the Big Screen.特朗回应直到现在还没哪一部动画片必须雪当作这么多角色,在这里他可以像液体一样流动,也可以像液体一样团在一起。几个月以来,他和他的团队利用数学公式以及电脑软件制作出有最细致的最后在大银幕上绽放的雪。

In the world of Hollywood blockbusters, the science that went into making Frozen is becoming the new normal. More and more, makers of films, television shows and even video games are enlisting the help of scientists to bring more dazzle – and accuracy – to theater, television and computer screens across the planet.在好莱坞大片的世界里,利用科学技术制作《冰雪奇缘》现变为了新的常态。更加多的电影、电视节目甚至电子游戏等制作者争相向科学家求救,为影院,电视以及电脑屏幕带给更加多精准、引人注目的视觉享受。